Frequently Asked Questions

What is the TRUC?

The Transient Recorder User’s Council is a group that promotes the exchange of ideas and information regarding the use of Transient Recorders. Application of this technology, interpretation of data and the distribution of knowledge are important functions that this organization provides.

How can I become a member?

The first step would be to contact a current TRUC member and inform them of your interest in becoming a member. If there are vacancies, then the next step is that the candidate would submit a biography to the member that describes the candidates qualifications. The member then submits the bio to the members of the council. The members of the TRUC would then vote on the candidate.

Here are some relevant parts of the TRUC charter:
Anyone being considered to fill a vacant position on TRUC should be an individual who is not only active in the field of transient recording per the definitions contained in the TRUC Charter, but should also have been a participant at the FDA Conferences.

An individual’s association with a particular company shall not be considered as a qualification for TRUC membership.

How often are meetings held?

The annual meeting of the council is set to coincide with the Fault Disturbance and Relay Protection Conferences. These are sponsored by the Georgia Institute of Technology, and are held on the college campus, in Atlanta Georgia, USA.

What is the purpose of TRUC?

The purpose of this Council (TRUC) shall be:

· Promote and encourage improved Transient Recorder technology and capabilities to the benefit of the electric utility User industry.
· Ensure maximum use of the latest technology in transient recorder systems.
· Promote communications between transient recorder users.
·A transient recorder can be defined in the current technology as a digital fault recorder, breaker condition monitor, transformer condition monitor, power swing recorder, dynamic disturbance recorder, all of which must possess the capability to record and produce oscillographic type fault records with analysis software, along with sequence of events recorder technology. All of these recorders shall be included to allow the full benefit of all information recorded during power disturbances. Breaker and transformer condition monitors that are merely meters or transducers are not classified as transient recorders.