2013 Papers

2013 May 6 – 7
Atlanta, Georgia, USA 


An Expert System to Evaluate and Characterize Faults in Transmission Lines
Fernando Henao, Jaime Amaya, Rodrigo Jaramillo, Farmer Monterrosa

Analysis of SOTF Scheme Operations for Adjacent Line Faults At National Grid
Yujie Irene Lu & Song Ji (National Grid), David Bertagnolli (ISO New England)

Analysis of unfaulted 115kV line over-trip by multiple grounds in VT secondary circuits at National Grid
Song Ji and Yujie Irene Lu, National Grid USA

Designing and Testing Precise Time-Distribution Systems
Edmund O. Schweitzer, III, David Whitehead, Ken Fodero, and Shankar Achanta, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.

Disturbance Misoperation Analysis at OG&E
Austin White and Shawn Jacobs, Oklahoma Gas & Electric

Double Ended Fault Location Application using IEEE Standard C37.114
Amir Makki and Maria Rothweiler (Softstuf), and Robert Orndorff and James B. Starling (Dominion Virginia Power)

Evaluation of Distance Protective Relay Responses to Various Line Models
A. Gutierrez, Doble Engineering, A. Barradas, IVESCO

Event Analysis in Distribution Systems in a Smart Grid
Alexander Apostolov

IEC 61850 Interoperability Between Recorders and Relays
R. Midence, Hugo Davila, Nan Zhan

Implementation of Double Ended Travelling Wave Fault Location When One End is a Transformer Feeder
David Cole and Mark Diamond – Qualitrol LLC

Integrated Automation System Based on Protection Zone Dynamic State Estimation
A. P. Sakis Meliopoulos, George J. Cokkinides, Paul Myrda

Lightning Induced Faults on Power Lines
Theo Laughner, PE

Open Source Fault Location in the Real World
Fred Elmendorf Grid Protection Alliance Inc. and Theo Laughner Tennessee Valley Authority

Relay Misoperation caused by Arcing CT and its Mitigation Discussions
Tao Xia, Robert M Orndoff – Dominion

Software Architecture for Automated Fault Analysis
T. Popovic, M. Kezunovic, B. Krstajic

Testing of the Fault Location Function in Devices and Disturbance Analysis Systems
Alexander Apostolov OMICRON electronics

Traveling Wave Fault Location in Protective Relays: Design, Testing, and Results
Stephen Marx, Bonneville Power Administration Brian K. Johnson, University of Idaho Armando Guzmán, Veselin Skendzic, and Mangapathirao V. Mynam, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.

Vulnerabilities and Challenges on PMU and WAMS Deployment
Tribhuwan Choubey, Ronald Lavorin

Effects of the Super Bowl on the Eastern Interconnection
Brian Starling, Kyle Thomas, Robert Orndorff