2016 Papers

2016 April 18 – 19 Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Observations on the Application of the IEEE C37.114 Double Ended Fault Location Method
Patrick Hawks, Dominion Virginia Power, Amir Makki, Softstuf, Robert Orndoff, Dominion Virginia Power
Maria Rothweiler, Softstuf, Brian Starling, Dominion Virginia Power, Kyle Thomas, Dominion Virginia Power

Georgia Transmission Corporation’s Application and Development of a Digital Fault Recorder Dashboard (EPRI – PQ Dashboard) for Improving System Reliability
Marlin Browning, Joey Lowery, Georgia Transmission Corporation

Integrating Synchrophasors and Oscillography for Wide-Area Power System Analysis
Dora Nakafuji, Laura Rogers, Hawaii Electric Light Company
Jared Bestebreur, Michael Rourke, and Greg Zweigle, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc

Investigation of Voltage Notch on Waveform Leads to Saving 500kV PT
Theo Laughner and Anthony Murphy, Tennessee Valley Authority

Accurate Fault Locating During a Pole-Open Condition
Gabriel Benmouyal and Brian Smyth, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc

Man-Made Faults – Line Protection Operation for an Unintended Phase Cross-Connect Condition
Jon Larson and Ryan McDaniel, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc

Analysis of the Impact of Pervasive Wide-Area Communication Network Conditions on the Disturbance Recordings from PMUs
Adeyemi Charles Adewole, CSAEMS, Raynitchka Tzoneva, Cape Peninsula University of Technology, and Alexander Apostolov, OMICRON

Non-Linear Generation And Loads, Their Impact On Transmission Network Voltage Harmonics and Available Measurement Techniques.
John Merron, BVM Systems Limited

Improved Understanding of Actual System Events using Synchrophasor Visualization
Stefan Steger, TenneT TSO, Markus Wache, and Roy Moxley, Siemens

Experiences with the Installation and Commissioning of a WAMS in Companhia Paranaense de Energia (COPEL)
Gilmar F. Krefta, Marcelo N. Agostini, Lucas B. de Oliveira, Copel Geração e Transmissão
Rafael Rodrigues, Carlos E. F. Pimentel, Adriano O. Pires, GE Grid Solutions

Analysis of a Transformer Neutral Resistor Damage on an 11kV Bus Fault at National Grid
Yujie Irene Lu and Song Ji, National Grid

Using Power Quality Data for Capacitor Bank Health Assessment and Failure Prevention
Theo Laughner and Anthony Murphy, Tennessee Valley Authority

Anti-pump failure and a welded shut reclose contact is a Bad Combination
Joseph Livingston, Great River Energy

Disturbance Recording Requirements in Smart Grids
Alexander Apostolov and Benton Vandiver, OMICRON

Improvements in Fault Location Capability at CenterPoint Energy to Reduce Response Time and Improve Accuracy of Fault Reporting
Michael J Pakeltis, Jay Russell, Elias Marquez, CenterPoint Energy
David Cole, Qualitrol

Advanced Automated Analytics Using OSS Tools
Fred Elmendorf, Grid Protection Alliance, Inc.

Analysis and Simulation of Dynamic Performance of PMU According to IEEE C37.118.1-2011 Standard
Marcelo N. Agostini, Adriano O. Pires, Sérgio L. Zimath
Lucas B. de Oliveira, and Paulo R. F. de Souza, GE Grid Solutions