2015 Papers

2015 April 27 – 29
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False Trips on Transformer Inrush – Avoiding the Unavoidable
Raymond Ni, Peter Wang, ATCO Electric
Roy Moxley, Stefan Flemming, Sebastian Schneider, Siemens.

The 6th man, always on duty
J. Brian Starling, Dominion Virginia Power

Fault Location Experience using Simulation Software
Ajmal Saeed, PG&E System Protection

Line Protection Response to a Three-Phase Inter-circuit Fault
Ernie Hodge and Ed Atienza, Gainesville Regional Utilities, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc

Automated Disturbance Analytics and System-wide Dashboard Insights Using Open Source Software
Fred Elmendorf, Grid Protection Alliance

Cascading disturbance caused 1,800 MW generation lost in Colombian Power System
N. J. Orrego, M. N. Arboleda, J. A. Zapata, XM Subsidiary of ISA

Multi-vendor Distributed Recorders using Standardized IEC 61850 GOOSE Communication
Bruce Muschlitz, Novatech

How the use of the “Electronic Current Transformer (ECT)” will facilitate NERCs Regional Reliability Standard PRC-002
Don Burkart, ConEd

Overview of an Automatic Distribution Fault Location System at United Illuminating Company
Daniel D. Sabin, Electrotek Concepts
Elder Romero, Robert Manning and Marek Waclawiak, United Illuminating Company

A Novel Technology for Determining the Control Islanding Boundaries
Meiyan Li, Dominion Virginia Power

Wide Area Blackout in Colombian Power System due to a Three Phase fault on a Busbar – Lessons Learned for Protection Criteria
Julian Castano, Jorge Velez, Nohemi Arboleda, and Jaime Zapata, XM Subsidiary of ISA

Using openXDA for Improved and Automated Fault Location
Robert Orndorff, Kyle Thomas, Dominion Virginia Power
Ling Wu, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Implementation of Road Map 2012-2015: DFR/FL For Acceleration of System Recovery and Enhancement of System Stability in Sumatera Power System
Dhany Harmeidy Barus, Eko Yudo Pramono, PLN P3B Jawa Bali

Analysis of Directional Overcurrent Protection Over-trip on Leading Power Factor Load & Application of Load Encroachment at National Grid
Y. Irene Lu, Song Ji, National Grid

Investigation of Fault Activity on a 132KV Teed Circuit in Scotland and how Travelling Wave Technology Located the Fault Site
David Cole, Qualitrol, Scottish
Ron Garrett, Southern Energy

Testing of distributed fault and disturbance recording systems
Alexander Apostolov, OMICRON electronics

Analysis of a Relay Operation for an Intercircuit Fault
Ryan McDaniel, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc

Open Source Software Solutions for PMU Data Security and Resiliency
Fred Elmendorf, Grid Protection Alliance

Use of the “Electronic Current Transformer (ECT)” to Facilitate NERCs PRC-002 Reliability Standard
Don Burkart, Consolidated Edison of New York

Application of Merging Units for Synchrophasors Measurement
Marcelo N. Agostini, Lucas B. de Oliveira, Carlos Dutra, Sergio L. Zimath, and Ildemar C. Decker, Reason, Alstom