2002 Papers

Turning Data Into Information (This paper is unavailable)

Dynamic Recording Devices (DRD) in New England Power Pool
Dave Bertagnolli, et al.

Visualization and Animation of Instrumentation Channel Effects on DFR Data Accuracy
A. P. Sakis Meliopoulos and George J. Cokkinides

Modems 101 in “2002”

Transient Data Repository
Amir & Maria Makki

DFR Monitoring of Traction Battery Charger Performance
Shahin H. Berisha, et al.

Knoxville 161-kV Substation Bus Insulator Failures and Corresponding Ground Problems
Timothy L. Burgess

An Internet Approach to Power System Monitoring and Control
Craig Wester, et al.

Integration of Data and Exchange of Information in Advanced LAN/Web Based DFR Systems
Mladen Kezunovic

DFR Applications for Semiconductor Industry
Mark Beutnagel

Analysis of Substation Data – A report by Working Group I-19 to the Relaying Practices Subcommittee of the Power System Relaying Committee, Power Engineering Society of the IEEE.
L.E. Smith, et al.

Review of NERC Planning Standards for Disturbance Monitoring
Phillip W. Powell, Barry Jackson

Using the Fault Disturbance Recorder as an Operating Aid for Control Room Operators at the National Load Dispatch Center of Peninsular Malaysia
Noor Azlan Hamzah

Distributed Recording of Abnormal Power System Conditions
Alexander Apostolov, James Butt

BC Hydro’s Use of Digital Metering for Analysis of System Disturbances, Faults and Swings (This paper is unavailable)

Modular Web Enabled Protection, Control and Monitoring Systems for Small Distribution Substations
Alexander Apostolov