2014 Papers

2014 April 28 – 29
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Locating Faults by the Traveling Waves
Ed Schweitzer – Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.

Summary of Changes in 2013 IEE/IEC Dual Logo COMTRADE Standard
Jim Hackett, Ratan Das, Amir Makki – Relaying Communications Subcommittee, Power System Relaying Committee

The BIG Picture – A Comprehensive Look at Automated Systems for Disturbance Analytics Using Open Source Software
Fred Elmendorf – Grid Protection Alliance

Accuracy, Precision, Delays and Drift: How Good is Your Time Reference?
Dr. Conrado Seibel

Improve Transmission Fault Location and Distance Protection Using Accurate Line Parameters
Hugo E. Prado-Félix, Victor H. Serna-Reyna – Comisión Federal de Electricidad — Venkat Mynam, Marcos Donolo, Armando Guzmán – Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.

Diagnosis of Protection Misoperations Due to Mutually-Coupled Transmission Lines
Terry T. Bowman – Duke Energy

The Role of IEC 61850 Reporting Faults and Disturbances Analysis
Alexander Apostolov – OMICRON Electronics

20 Years and Counting: Deploying a System for Automated Analysis
Tomo Popovic – XpertPower, Mladen Kezunovic – Texam A&M, Donald Sevcik, Robert Lunsford, Brian Clowe – CenterPoint Energy

Comparison of Methods to Determine Transmission Line Impedence
Kyle Thomas – Dominion Virginia Power

Update on State Estimation Based Object-Oriented DSE Based Protection
A.P. Meliopoulos, Liangyi Sun, Rui Fan – Georgia Institute of Technology, Paul Mydra – Electric Power Research

Tutorial on Fault Locating Embedded in Line Current Differential Relays – Method, Implementations, and Application Considerations
Omar Avendano – Portland General Electric, Elizabeth Godoy – Comisión Federal de Electricidad, Bogdan Kasztenny, Normann Fischer, Héctor J. Altuve, Bin Le – Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories

Computer-Aided Fault Analysis Dedicated to the Power Transmission System
Ryszard Kowalik, Denis Kobler – Institute of Power Engineering Warsaw University of Technology, Systems Europe

Automatic Identification of Non-Compliant Fault Records
David Cole, Peter Glover, Colm White – Qualitrol L.L.C.

Analysis of Cascading Operations for Adjacent Line Faults at National Grid
Y. Irene Lu – National Grid

Fault Experiences in a Transmission Line with Series Compensation
Yofre Jacome – Francisco Torres, COES -Peru

Comparison of Analog Measurements Between Merging Units and Conventional Acquisition Systems
Carlos Alberto Futra, Igor Cruz, Tiago Franzen, Rafael Rosar Matos, Fernando Costa Neves – Reason Tecnologia S.A., Gilmar Krefta – Companhia Paranaense de Energia S.A. (COPEL)