2018 Papers

2018 April 30 – May 1 Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Transmission Line Fault Location Explained
R. Orndorff, K. Thomas, P. Hawks, B. Starling,
A. Makki, M. Rothweiler,

The Blimp Event of 2015 – Description and Analysis of the Outages Caused by a Runaway on PPL Electric Utilities Transmission System
G. Bray,
PPL Electric Utilities

Instrumentation Error Correction within Merging Units
S. Meliopoulos, G. Cokkinides, Y. Kong, Georgia Institute of Technology

TVA’s Transmission Voltage Unbalance Evaluation
G. Kobet, T. Laughner, D. Marler, A. Murphy, J. Rossman, TVA

Analysis of the unexpected operations at a 345kV National Grid substation associated with capacitor bank switching
S. Ji, I. Lu, D. Markis, M. Gregg, National Grid

230kV Substation Shunt Capacitor Bank Failure And Cascading Area Disturbances
L. Hisugan, Pacific Gas & Electric

Centralized Disturbance Recording Systems in IEC 61850 Based Digital Substations – Principles, Benefits and Challenges
A. Apostolov, OMICRON Electronics

Automated Waveform Characterization for Providing Situational Awareness to Distribution System Operators
C. Benner, D. Russell, Texas A&M University

Accurate and Economical Traveling-Wave Fault Locating Without Communications
A. Guzmán, B. Kasztenny, V. Mynam, Y. Tong, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.

Fault investigation using data from PMU, DFR and Traveling-Wave fault locators: Experiences from Companhia Paranaense de Energia (COPEL) on combining these tools for optimal fault analysis
G. Krefta, L. Barcelos de Oliveira, S. Zimath, C. Pimentel, COPEL

Back to the Basics – Event Analysis Using Symmetrical Components
A. Sudan, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.

Strategic Data Sharing for Improved Fault Analysis
F. Elmendorf, Grid Protection Alliance

230kV Power System Cascade Event by Single Phase Power Swing Phenomenon
J.Saldarriaga, J. Zuleta, L. Zapata, F. Montaño, G. Ramírez, T. Rivera, XM S.A. E.S.P. Colombia Power System Operator

Modern On-line Monitoring for High Voltage Circuit Breakers
N. Gariboldi, Qualitrol
P. Corliss, PMC-Consulting

Common Format for Naming Intelligent Electronic Devices (COMDEV)
J. Hackett, Mehta Tech
Rick Cornelison
A. Makki, SoftStuf

Case Studies in Facility Wide Time Synchronization
T. Smith, C. Crites, GE Grid Solutions

Analysis of NPCC Protection System Misoperations
Q. Le, R. Sahiholamal, NPCC

Intelligent Circuit Sensor based Fault Detection, Isolation and Restoration for Transmission Lines with T‐connection Taps
J. Fan, Southern States

Travelling Wane Fault Locator (TWFL) Technology Applied to HVDC Transmission Line
A. Soeth Jr., P. Freire de Souza, GE Grid Solutions
D. Custódio, Interligações Elétricas do Madeira