2019 Papers

2019 April 29 – April 30
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

STATCOM Performance Evaluation using Operation Data in Digital Fault Recorder
Duotong Yang, Hung-Ming Chou, Kyle Thomas, Dominion Energy
Sergey Kynev, Siemens
Rebecca Rye, Virginia Tech

Automated Fault Location Analysis – Data Analysis Method
Paul Myrda,
Electric Power Research Institute
Ryan Dixon, FirstEnergy
Mel Gehrs, Gehrs Consulting

Analysis of POTT Scheme Misoperation for a Parallel Line Fault at National Grid
Yujie (Irene) Lu, Song Ji,
National Grid

When Load Encroachment Fails to Prevent Tripping Line Serving a Wind Farm and an Island Municipality
Dean Sorensen,
National Grid

Solutions for Monitoring GIC Events Using a Digital Fault Recording System
Nuwan Perera,

Impact of Error Correction on Protection Performance during Geomagnetic Disturbances
S. Meliopoulos, Jiahao Xie, G. Cokkinides,
Georgia Institute of Technology

Improving Line Crew Dispatch Accuracy When Using Traveling-Wave Fault Locators
Bogdan Kasztenny, Venkat Mynam,
Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.

Experience with automated protection performance evaluation based on disturbance recordings
Luc Philippot, Andrea Fortunato, Frédéric Mariton, Marc Koulischer,

Applicability of PMU Based Frequency Measurements for Power System Applications
Nuwan Perera,

Practical Experience With Ultra-High-Speed Line Protective Relays
Frank Heleniak,
Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.
Nicholas Metzger, Benjamin Carstens, Baltimore Gas and Electric Company

Wideband Voltage Sensors For The Modern Substation
Erik Sperling, Florian Gegier,
Priffner Technology Ltd.
Theo Laughner, PowerGRID-RX Inc

Case Studies on the Use of Digital Fault Recorder in an Aluminium Plant
Rene Midence,
ElrPhase Power Technologies
G. Premnath, Easun Reyrolle Limited

Fault Currents, Circuit Breakers, and a New Method for X/R Calculations in Parallel Circuits
Amir Norouzi,
Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.

Benefits of Permanent Travel Transducers in High Voltage Ckt Breakers
Nicola Gariboldi,
Qualitrol Company, LLC
Phillip L. Corliss, PMC-Consulting, LLC

Analyzing Data At Warp Speed
Sean Murphy,
Ping Things
Kevin Jones, Dominion Energy
Theo Laughner, PowerGrid-RX Inc

Transitioning To Power Quality KPIs To Obtain Better Grid Performance
Theo Laughner,
PowerGrid-RX Inc

Power System Cascade Event in a 230 kV Grid by Power Generators Loss of Field
Juan Fernando Piñeros, Javier Ferney Llano, Laura Yulieth Agudelo,
XM S.A. E.S.P.
F. Humberto Montaño, Grupo de Energía de Bogotá

Intelligent Circuit Sensor based Fault Detection, Isolation and Restoration for Transmission Lines with T‐connection Taps
Steve (Hua) Fan, Jiyuan Fan, Buddy Reanau, David Moore,
Southern States LLC

Case Studies in Facility‐Wide Time Synchronization
Terrence Smith, Christine Crites,
GE Grid Solutions

Fleet Management of a Large System of Online Monitors
Peter Glover, Eric Negro, David Cole,